Architectural Renderings
Routh Studios offers a variety of illustrations for commerical and residential builders
Art Work
by Craig Routh
Craig Routh is an accomplished watercolor artist whose work is included in private & corporate collections all over the U.S. and several other countries.

Welcome to Routh Studios

We are an Architectural Illustration, Graphic Design & Fine Art Studio based in Denham Springs, Louisiana. Routh Studios, creator of The Routh Collection Greeting Card Company, produces a wide variety of artwork. We specialize in hand-drawn architectural illustrations for promotional purposes for builders, developers, architects and engineers. Our services also include homebuyer's packages, illustrated floorplans, flyers, sign design and logos.

Residential & Commercial Illustrations

Home Elevation Renderings

Front elevation illustrations are great to use when listing a home for sale in any publication. Our hand-drawn houses stand out from generic home builder's photographs and computer renderings. The details are always clear because we take the time to highlight the important features of every house we draw.

Routh Studios Perspective Rendering

Perspective Illustrations

3-D Perspective illustrations are a wonderful tool for showing a house with perfect lighting. We take time to highlight all of the important details that often get lost in photographs.

Posters & Flyers

Rabalais Homes Echelon Flyer

Over the years, many builders have asked us to redraw the floorplans in a simpler fashion in order for potential buyers to see a clear layout of a home. In addition to this we now offer large posters with the Home Illustration, Floorplan, and SQ Footage as well as any other important graphics and information.

Rabalais Homes Echelon Flyer
Craig Routh Aerial Builder Illustration

Aerial Illustrations

Renderings of aerial views provide a greater perspective and are an excellent marketing tool to use for advertising a project.

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Got Questions?

Got Questions?

Craig Routh Artwork

Craig Routh is a Louisiana local artist with a wide range of creative talents. He has worked on jazz portraits, greeting card designs, sporting events, iconic scenery, symbolic interpretations, and much more.